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Adults :: Social Isolation [Update in progress] :: Recommendations

•  Interventions that have an evidence base of being effective to reduce social isolation, such as befriending programmes, should be considered for further commissioning support.

• Frontline health and social care workers should receive training and information that will help them to have an increased awareness of the risks of social isolation and find ways to connect people to activities or organisations that can help.

• There should be an emphasis to support people to engage with the wide range of opportunities (i.e. leisure facilities, drama groups) in Medway which would address social isolation. A greater understanding of people's behaviour in terms of what would make them utilise facilities is needed. This could be undertaken via action research.

• To ensure the development of the care navigator programme appropriately signposts the population in Medway to improve the interface between the community and public services in helping socially isolated individuals to find appropriate interventions.

• There is a need to increase the number of supportive groups in Medway, such as the men's health group operating at the Sunlight Centre to support vulnerable populations at risk of being socially isolated.