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A total of seven focus groups were undertaken to find out more about the views of population groups in Medway at risk of social isolation. Focus groups were undertaken with older people (Age UK day centre in Gillingham), carers (Carers First support group), mental health service users (MEGAN support group), black and minority ethnic communities (two groups were undertaken, one with the Medway BME Forum and the other with the Medway African and Caribbean Association), residents from Peninsula ward (parents at Grain Sure Start group) and a men's health support group (weekly group, based at the Sunlight Centre, Gillingham facilitated by Rethink Mental Illness).

A number of key themes emerged from the focus groups that included access barriers influencing isolation, transport, involvement of communities, information, what works well currently and solutions. Key points from these themes were utilised in the development of the first social isolation strategy for Medway 2014-2018.