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Unmet needs and service gaps

Adults :: Domestic Abuse :: Unmet needs and service gaps

• A consistent programme of training within agencies will ensure frontline staff in services are trained to recognise the indicators of domestic violence and abuse and can ask relevant questions to help people disclose their past or current experiences of such violence or abuse.
• Community based perpetrator programmes need to be in place in Medway.
• Implement risk assessment tools which consider the needs of children living with Domestic Abuse.
• Help people who may find domestic violence and abuse services inaccessible or difficult to use. This includes: people from black and minority ethnic groups or with disabilities, older people, transgender people and lesbian, gay or bisexual people. It also includes people with no recourse to public funds.
• Improve the level of support to victims of domestic abuse. This should include ensuring that multiple needs are also taken into account (ie mental health, substance misuse, parental/child disabilities)
• The need to ensure that learning from domestic homicide reviews is disseminated to front line practitioners.