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Unmet needs and service gaps

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Medway participates in the learning disability self assessment framework that enables health and social care organisations to review how well learning disability services reflect best practice recommendations. Medway's 2013 Self Assessment Review identified key areas as the focus for change in 2014, namely:

• Developing Clinical Commissioning Group capture of demographic/needs information.

• Ensuring that GPs notify other healthcare providers of a a patient's learning disability status when referring them. This is key in enabling receiving healthcare providers to make reasonable adjustments in advance of patients attending for care.

• Support increased uptake of health checks and associated health action plans to improve the way that GPs pro–actively manage patients health needs to try and avoid medical problems from developing and/or to offer earliest intervention to prevent medical conditions from worsening.

• Reduce inequalities in access to national screening programmes between those with a learning disability and those without.