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During 2013, Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (MCCG) held three engagement events to gain the views of those with learning disabilities/parents or carers of those with learning disability. The events gave MCCG an opportunity to explain what they do and to seek views of the attendants regarding what is working well and what needs to be improved in Medway. The key messages from attendants were:
• People were keen to understand more regarding mental capacity, decision making, equality and reasonable adjustments
• It was felt that greater use should be made of easy to read information/letters
• The importance of making reasonable adjustments was flagged with regard to longer appointments, time to talk, reminders/texts
• Improve the availability of healthcare checks
• Communication about learning disabilities can be improved across all providers

Engagement with Medway LD representatives identified the desire for and the potential to increase the use of easy read appointment letters.

In the 2012/13 Adult Social Care Survey, 48% of participants with learning disabilities said they had adequate control over their daily lives and 52% said they had as much control as they would like. Nobody said they were dissatisfied overall. In response to the question on feelings of safety, 83% said they felt as safe as they would like to feel, 15% said they felt generally safe and 2% said they felt less than adequately safe. 100% agreed that Adult Social Care services help them to feel safe though.

In the 2012/13 Carer's survey, of those who care for someone with a learning disability:
• 64% were extremely, very or quite satisfied with the support or services they receive. 12% were fairly, very or extremely dissatisfied.
• The ratio of carers responding positively or negatively to the ease of finding information was exactly 50:50, indicting an area for improvement.