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Community Falls Service (Medway Community Healthcare)

A survey was carried out in 2012 by Medway Community Healthcare with the aim of assessing the patient experience of the Community Falls Service. The survey response rate was 33%. The overall rating of the service was 96%. 95% of service users reported that they had been treated fairly by the service. The friends and family test is a national validated patient experience outcome measure which enables local and national comparisons to be made across services. The test produces a percentage score between -100 to +100. Medway's Community Falls Service scored 60% (“excellent”) for quarter 2 of 2012. The overall percentage positive experience score for 2011/12 and 2012/13 was over 96%. The following comments were made by service users completing the survey and have led to Action Plan recommendations:
• Inadequate information given to patients regarding the service before their appointment
• Patients are not offered a copy of their treatment plan
• Patients are finding it difficult to contact the service

Plans are now in place to address the above comments.

Exercise Referral Service (Medway Council, Public Health Directorate)

All patients using the service, including falls patients, are asked to complete a patient experience survey on completion or discharge from the service. A general review of survey responses is undertaken quarterly with a detailed review taking place annually. Key performance indicators used by the service include the following:
• Adherence (% of patients attend the first session who complete the course)
• % of patients reporting an increase in their physical activity level on completion/ discharge compared with baseline
• Change in self-reported wellbeing score on completion of course compared with baseline score

For 2012/13:
• Adherence was 50%
• 79% of people were more physically active on discharge from the course compared with baseline
• 62% patients had an increase in their wellbeing score on discharge from the course compared with baseline.

Recommendations from service users for improvement in 2012 focused mainly on issues relating to the venues used for the exercise classes. These recommendations have been actioned where possible by the Exercise Referral Team.