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Recommendations for consideration by commissioners

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• Links need to be developed with the Health and Wellbeing Board to ensure the greater needs of offenders are taken into account when tackling health inequalities
• Engagement with Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure that primary care services are aware of the risks and opportunities in the management of offenders and their families

Working with external agencies

• Services need to be developed that allow early identification of health needs in conjunction with the probation service and court service. These services need to enable access to wider health and social services working with the wider criminal justice system.
• The probation services and the courts should be assisted to make better use of Alcohol Treatment Orders for those people known to be suffering from alcohol related problems to help prevent them reoffending

Developing Services

• Ensure that all new receptions have their peak flow taken as part of the Wellman clinic. Ensure that spirometry is available at the establishment to aid diagnosis of respiratory conditions.
• All future chronic disease management clinics should be run in line with best clinical practice and complies with the relevant National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidance. The new service provider to improve the data quality, clinical coding and to ensure that chronic disease registers are in place.
• Focus on the development of positive relationships between staff and offenders, especially BME offenders
• Substance misuse services at Cookham Wood should be developed to meet National Service Specifications
• Identify health services and preventative services that can be more easily delivered in the 'wings' to improve access for prisoners
• Improve collaboration between prisons to share health resources and improve access to specialised services
• Introduce a screen for diabetes as part of Wellman clinics
• Increase uptake of smoking cessation at HMP Rochester
• Identify health promotion needs and develop a health promotion plan
• Develop services for those with learning difficulties across both HMP Rochester and HMYOI Cookham Wood
• Consider developing the workforce to deliver services equitable to a minor injury unit to deal with fights
• Reduce failed appointments - Consider for the new model of care and the employment of a nursing assistant/porter to act as a movements officer to ensure patients can get to their appointments and are returned to work/wing without delay
• The commissioner should consider the possibility of providing onsite Diagnostic Imaging (Ultrasound and Radiography), GUM and Dermatology clinics for both Cookham Wood and Rochester