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Recommendations for Commissioning

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Commissioners have a key role in ensuring that multiagency capacity is sufficient to ensure that safeguards are effectively monitored and embedded across the region. Commissioners need to ensure that health and social care services are effectively resourced to respond, as the number of referrals continues to rise and support vulnerable people in reducing repeat referrals. Joined up working across health, social care and the criminal justice agencies is needed to ensure that each agencies can respond in partnership to allegations of abuse of a vulnerable adult. Commissioners need to ensure that support, advice, advocacy and information are readily avaliable for service users and their carers to ensure, that as they take on more responsibility for their own packages of care, that they know how to protect themselves from abuse and who to raise concerns with. Information should be avaliable in multiple formats and languages. Commissioners have a key role in ensuring that all providers, including personal assistants and independent contractors, are working in adherence with the Multiagency Adult Protection Policy, Protocols and Guidance for Kent & Medway.