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Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is an independent expert advisory committee first set up in 1963 to advise the Secretaries of State for Health, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on matters relating to communicable diseases, preventable and potentially preventable through immunisation. JCVI gives advice to Ministers based on the best evidence reflecting current good practice and/or expert opinion. The process involves a robust, transparent, and systematic appraisal of all the available evidence from a wide range of sources. The committee is appointed by the Appointments Commission and is independent of the Department of Health.

Heath Protection Agency (HPA):

The Health Protection Agency is an independent UK organisation that was set up by the government in 2003 to protect the public from threats to their health from infectious diseases and environmental hazards. It does this by providing advice and information to the general public, to health professionals such as doctors and nurses and to national and local government and includes specific information about immunisations and vaccinations.

NHS choices immunisation website:

A comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate source of information on vaccines, disease and immunisation for the UK for the public can be found here

Department of Health Immunisation against Infectious Disease:

'The Green Book': The most recent printed version was published in 2006, but the website is regularly refreshed with updated chapters. Each chapter gives details on the disease, vaccine available, efficacy of the vaccine, contraindications, side effects and the correct dosage etc.