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Who's at risk and why

Adults :: Immunisations and vaccinations [Update in progress] :: Who's at risk and why

There are no vaccinations that are routinely offered by the NHS to all adults. However, there are several vaccinations that are available on the NHS to adults in certain 'at risk' groups. These are:
• annual seasonal flu vaccination if aged 65 and over, if in a clinical risk group and under 65 and all pregnant women
• pneumococcal vaccination if aged 65 and over in an at risk group
• hepatitis B vaccination if at increased risk of hepatitis B because of lifestyle, occupation or other factors e.g. a household contact of someone who is infected with hepatitis B
• measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) post delivery — for women who do not have immunity against rubella identified via the antenatal screening programme
• BCG vaccination if at increased risk

Healthcare and laboratory staff should be offered appropriate vaccination in addition to those offered as part of the childhood vaccination as they are at higher risk e.g. hepatitis B, BCG (protects against tuberculosis), seasonal flu, varicella (protects against chickenpox and shingles). It is the employer's responsibility to provide these vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are generally not funded by the NHS although there are some exceptions.