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Recommendations for Commissioning

Adults :: End of life :: Recommendations for Commissioning

• Encourage the use of the Gold Standard Framework's (GSF) Prognostic Indicator Guidance in primary care to ensure early identification of people approaching the end stages of their disease.
• Continued commitment is needed to provide high quality care to enable people in Medway die in the places of their choice.
• Ensure workforce development (training and education) around the core competencies as outlined in the End of Life Strategy: Assessment of needs and preferences, communication, advanced care planning and symptom management).
• Encourage joint working and shared resources across all providers, with an identified lead provider coordinating all services that support the end of life pathway.
• Support the development of a single point of access to services to improve the coordination of end of life services.
• Voluntary sector organisations should be involved appropriately, especially around issues relating to culture and religion.
• Disseminate information on integrated health and social care EOL teams to the public, to ensure timely access to continue care funding.
• Develop a shared IT system to facilitate a more streamlined service through data sharing.