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Evidence of what works

Adults :: End of life :: Evidence of what works

• The National Gold Standard (GSF) aims to support best implementation of the GSF in all settings, using a common framework and toolkit of resources so that generalist frontline staff can provide quality of care for people nearing end of life, whatever their illness and wherever the setting.

• The Liverpool Care Pathway is a framework to support those caring for people in the last few days of their lives to provide the best care possible and recommended as best practice model of care for people dying in the following documents: Department of Health 'End of life Care Strategy: quality markers and measures for end of life care'. DH. London. (2009) Department of Health 'End of Life Care Strategy – promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of life'. DH. London. (2008) Department of Health 'Our Health, Our Care, Our Say: a new direction for community services'. DH. London(2006)

• Capacity, care planning and advance care planning in life limiting illness. A Guide for Health and Social Care staff (2011, revised 2014)

• The Preferred Priorities of Care, National End of Life Programme (2007)

• The National Carer's Strategy emphasises the need for mental well being and support for carers. (2008)