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A Health Care Commission survey in 2006 of patients with diabetes found that knowledge of their condition, self-management and involvement in care planning was inadequate.

Evaluation of the NHS Health Checks programme in 2011 showed that people were generally satisfied with the outreach Health Checks programme and would attend again when invited in 5 years time. A few (21%) said they would have preferred having a glucose test included as part of the screening test.

A stakeholder workshop was held on 11th March 2011, involving health care professionals and patient representatives. Some of the suggestions from the users were as follows:
• Improved staff education
• More and improved cross-boundary working
• Improved patient education (especially structured education)
• A high quality seamless diabetes service;
• Local access to insulin pump therapy for adults;
• Improved management of in-patient stays.

Following the workshop, two working groups (Primary Care Working group and the Specialist/Community Care Working Group) were set up to progress the establishment of an integrated diabetes service in Medway to meet the needs of people with diabetes.

The Medway Diabetes Strategic Change Group have incorporated the views of stakeholders in developing a proposal for the redesign of the local diabetes service towards the provision of an integrated and more efficient model.

There has been a drive to improve patient experience through better IT systems, developing and enhancing the use of Audit Plus in primary care, improving the use of patient choice and encouraging participation in the National Diabetes Audit.