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Recommendations for Commissioning

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• The aims of the Dementia Strategy are being developed to take into account the growing needs within the Medway population and in recognition of changing priorities within health and social care. The Dementia Strategy when complete should inform commissioning activity on behalf of both Adult Social Care and the CCG.

• Public awareness about dementia and its effect on people's lives should be the focus of attention within the community of Medway and the creation and support of a local Dementia Action Alliance is seen as the most effective was of becoming a dementia friendly community.

• The role of the GP is central to meeting people's needs and there should be a continued development of understanding for the importance of early diagnosis, treatment through medication, and the care and support that is available through social care services including those provided by the independent sector.

• The role and importance of the 'carer' should be incorporated into the Strategy and supported by the commissioning options selected for implementation. A focus of attention will need to be given to ensuring that services are available to avoid and manage crises that might lead to avoidable hospital or care home admissions.

• The Dementia Strategy should set out in the form of clear pathways the journey that people with a developing dementia disease are expected to take. Together with clear pathways there is a need to develop ways that information, guidance and support can be understood and available in easy to understand formats. Options being considered for practitioner and patient signposting should continue to be explored.

• Achieving a dementia friendly community is one where people living with dementia can do so in a way that promotes a sense of value and ability to make a continued meaningful contribution to the community. The strategy will need to be developed from an understanding of the needs and aspirations heard from listening carefully to people living with dementia, both the person with the condition and their carers.

• To ensure services provide quality at each point on a person's dementia journey, support and development will be necessary within the care home sector.