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Recommendations for Commissioning

Adults :: CVD :: Recommendations for Commissioning

• Raise public awareness about CVD within Medway to address inequity, with particular focus on communication to men and those in the most deprived areas, ensuring that this is aligned with already existing programmes which focus on healthy lifestyles.
• Prioritise smoking cessation and continue to target young people and pregnant women.
• Improve joint health and social care commissioning arrangements to effectively target high risk groups, applying evidenced based social marketing techniques and evaluation.
• Work with primary care to ensure that patients with hypertension are given lifestyle advice in order to reduce the risk of CVD.
• Cardiac MRI, cardiac CT and stress imaging should be provided locally as this is currently being referred to London hospital trusts.
• Conduct an audit of all CVD deaths considered preventable in Medway to investigate the possible causes for mortality rates being significantly higher in Medway than in England.
• Conduct an audit of NHS Health Checks programme delivery in order to identify groups or GP practices where low levels of uptake exist, and conduct targeted promotion accordingly.