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Unmet needs and service gaps

Adults :: CVD :: Unmet needs and service gaps

• Prevalence of CVD is similar to or lower than the national average in Medway; however, there are gaps between the recorded and estimated CVD prevalence.
• Overall CVD mortality rates for under-75s are 79.6 per 100,000 population and are similar to the national average. However, mortality rates from CVD considered preventable (< 75 years) in Medway are significantly higher (55.7 per 100,000) than the national average (48.1 per 100,000).
• Mortality from CVD is higher in men and the most deprived areas in Medway.
• Deaths from CVD are the greatest contributor to the life expectancy gap between the most deprived and least deprived areas in Medway; 24% in men and 27% in women.
• Emergency hospital admissions for CVD among those aged under 75 have increased in Medway over the past three years.
• A lower than expected number of people have received an NHS Health Check given the high number of people invited.