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There has been limited local research conducted to collect the views of patients with CVD in Medway. A systematic review of qualitative research about the barriers to and facilitators for successful CVD prevention programmes addressing multiple risk factors found that community and familial norms can make it difficult to engage in and commit to lifestyle changes. At an individual level, being ill or receiving physiological test results or experiences which affect self-image may be most likely to motivate individuals to alter their lifestyles to prevent CVD[1].

A review of hyper acute services for stroke (care in the first 72 hours) is currently underway in Kent and Medway. This has involved collecting the views and experiences of patients and their families who have experienced stroke and received care locally and will be used to shape future services.


[1]   Garside R, Pearson M, Ashton K, et al. Barriers to, and facilitators for, the effectiveness of multiple risk factor programmes aimed at reducing cardiovascular disease within a given population: a systematic review of qualitative researchPeninsula Medical School. .