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Unmet needs and service gaps

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Estimates suggest that 15% of COPD cases in Medway are undiagnosed. Closing the gap between recorded and estimated prevalence, and recognising people's treatment needs, is vitally important to meeting the needs of people living with COPD.

Current patterns of service use are unlikely to be the most cost effective or best for patients, in particular the high hospital admission rates and long lengths of stay.

Opportunities to improve patient care and to reduce costs include:
• Further development of community services to improve case-finding.
• Improved and sustained support and training for primary care practitioners to enable successful community-based management of patients' conditions, reducing the need for acute or secondary services.
• A more systematic evidence based approach to COPD care management in primary care in line with NICE quality standards and the Five Year Forward View.
• A full roll-out of the early discharge pilot scheme, which has been shown to reduce the length of hospital stay for COPD patients.