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Current services in relation to need

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Medway currently offers a number of services for people with COPD. In the early stages of disease, the majority of care takes place in primary care settings. Care is provided by both GPs and practice nurses, though there is some variation in the availability of practice nurses with specific training in the management of COPD.

For patients with a greater level of need, there is a Community Respiratory Team (CRT). The CRT provides a number of services including routine clinics, an urgent “unwells” service, and pulmonary rehabilitation. The CRT also carries out all home oxygen assessments, ensuring that the drug is dispensed and used appropriately. Medway was one of the first trusts in the UK to establish a dedicated Community Respiratory Team and many other authorities have since adopted this model.

For patients with the most severe disease, or specialist requirements, Medway Maritime Hospital provides acute services led by consultants in respiratory medicine.