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Recommendations for Commissioning

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• Conduct a detailed investigation into why the mortality rate from the most common cancers in Medway has remained higher when compared with England.
• The quality of cancer data had led to significant difficulties in interpreting trends and drawing conclusions. Where possible, further analyses should be conducted once data quality issues have been addressed.
• Ensure continuous improvement of GP access to diagnostic tests for cancer.
• Continued investment in prevention and early diagnosis is important. It is recommended that there is support to:
    • Ensure that prevention strategies focus on reducing risk factors for cancer such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and being overweight/obese.
    • Continue and sustain public awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer, an understanding of when and how to seek help (campaigns especially targeting older people, who often present late) and the link between lifestyle behaviour and cancer.
    • Ensure that all those eligible have access to existing cancer screening programmes, using evidence based interventions to encourage attendance.
    • Support on going work with primary care to reduce practice variations in screening coverage, uptake and access to services
    • Commissioners should encourage providers to improve data collection, in particular record tumour staging and that this is uploaded on info flex database system.
    • The number of new cancer patients presenting as emergencies should be monitored through the national cancer intelligence network and reduction incentivised as these have very poor outcomes.
• The recommendations set out in the Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: A strategy for England 2015-20, should be considered and implemented.