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Recommendations for commissioning

Adults :: Adult mental health [Update in progress] :: Recommendations for commissioning

  1. Mental health promotion work needs to address wellbeing at work issues.
  2. Targeted interventions to prevent suicide are needed for middle-aged men
  3. Mental health primary care services are currently being reviewed and redesigned with pilots of primary mental health care workers being implemented. Interventions for mental health promotion should be integrated into the development of such services.
  4. Variation in primary care registers and QOF indicators relating to primary care need to be investigated and addressed.
  5. Work should continue to be done to identify issues along the pathway preventing uptake and retention in services and issues relating to access to services for vulnerable groups identified in the equity audit need to be addressed.
  6. Appropriate services for veterans mental health should be in place.
  7. Psychiatric liaison services in Medway Foundation Trust should continue to be supported including a substance misuse component should continue.
  8. Physical health checks for people with mental health issues. Currently low in KMPT. Best models of care and shared care protocols need to be developed.
  9. Low percentage of people in employment with severe mental illness needs to be addressed.
  10. Demand for inpatient services in Medway needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that appropriate bed provision is available for those who need it.