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Unmet needs and service gaps

Adults :: Adult mental health [Update in progress] :: Unmet needs and service gaps

Promoting mental health and wellbeing:

• Given the current economic climate and rising unemployment there should be a focus on promoting good quality employment and also ensuring appropriate interventions to strengthen resilience and build skills in the unemployed, particularly the young unemployed.

Primary care

• There appears to be significant variation in identification of common and severe mental health issues in primary care. This needs to be investigated further and appropriate action taken .
• PCPTS provision ? level 3 comparison with the rest of the country. Equity audit re men and middle-aged people.

Secondary care

• Waiting times OK. Urgent and emergency referral rate is high.
• High levels of urgent referrals by GPs possibly inappropriate.
• High caseload for CMHTs means not as good therapeutic service so primary mental health practitioner planned in primary care. Focus on outcomes, so PBR care pathways being developed

Inpatient care

• MFT not fit for purpose Provision of appropriate inpatient services,
• Better support physical health checks and nutrition.

Social care

• More involvement in EIP needed.
• Older People's Mental Health: care management/statutory funtions
• Carers assessments needs to be improved.
• Working more with families to link with Family Intervention Project
• Settled employment