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Recommendations for Commissioning

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Medway Council and Medway NHS CCG value their young carers. As such, there is the recommendation to ensure that carers should be recognised by the wider community and receive appropriate support where necessary to help them provide care safely and maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life outside caring. This includes assisting them in achieving their potential, maintaining mental and physical health and wellbeing, ensuring access to training and employment and supporting them to be as independent as possible.[1]

A list of principles underpinning 'Medway's Commitment to Carers' can be found under section 7 of the NHS Medway and Medway Council Joint Carers' Strategy 2015–2017. The ongoing development and testing of the new Citizen's Portal,, will carry a full suite of information, advice and guidance as well as an “E-Marketplace” which is being developed to ensure that those looking for support can research appropriate solutions for themselves.[1]

In line with the requirements of the new Care Act 2014, Medway Council will offer assessments for carers who request them. This will enable the council to determine the carers' level of need, including whether or not they are eligible for any additional funding.


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