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Views of our Children and Young People

Medway Council has a Children in Care council which meets regularly to address issues raised by young people and feeds back to corporate parents on gaps in service provision and improvements made. In addition to this Looked After Children have access to the Children's Rights and Advocacy Service which assists children expressing their views of professionals and services delivered by the council. There is also a Care Leavers Group and Children with Disabilities Group that meet every six weeks. A key feature of these groups is a “You said and We did” section that enables children to get feedback as to how their views are informing service delivery. An example of this in practice is the redesign of the complaints leaflet that was undertaken and sent out to everyone aged 12 and upwards feedback from children had made it clear that the old format was confusing and acted as a barrier.

Involving children and young people, families and carers as much as possible in the design, delivery and monitoring of all services is vital so we know that we are getting it right and importantly the care of Looked After Children is improved as a result.