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In 2010, social marketing research in Medway found that young people in Medway generally had a low awareness of the range of contraceptive options available beyond the male condom and contraceptive pill especially with regards to long acting reversible contraception.[1] Furthermore, whilst young people had a good awareness of where contraception could be available, accessibility around sexual health provision was identified as an issue.

A self completed paper based survey was taken of 188 young people aged between 15 and 25 and took place between January and April 2015. It was completed in youth and education settings, the process was supported by a trained youth leader. The young people were asked about sexual health services and their responses should not be viewed as representative of all young people in Medway, but only representing the views of those completing the survey. Sexual health clinics were regarded by the majority of participants as the place they would attend if they had concerns about their sexual health. Youth settings were also scored highly, but this may have been biased by where the survey was conducted. This survey and a wider public survey have been used to inform the Integrated Sexual Health Service specification.


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