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Current services in relation to need

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The delivery of the childhood vaccination programme is primarily via practice nurses in all general practices in Medway via a Directly Enhanced Service (DES). The 2011/12 Annual Public Health Report shows that in Medway overall uptake rates in practices for childhood vaccinations are very good, there is considerable variation between practices. This needs further investigation.

The HPV vaccination programme for girls aged 12–13 years is delivered through the school nursing service. A general practice Local Enhanced Service (LES) is in place for girls up to the age of 18 who have missed vaccination in school.

The school nursing service also delivers the school leaving booster, with a LES in place for those who miss this in school. The neonatal BCG programme is delivered by the chest clinic at Medway Foundation NHS Trust. The school nursing service should be screening all children in Year 9 and then offer Mantoux testing followed by BCG vaccination to those found to be at high risk. New entrants to schools in Medway should be screened for risk factors on entry.

The HPU provide a two day training programme on immunisation and vaccination for all new vaccinators and a half annual update for all others as per Health Protection Agency guidelines.

An Immunisation Co–ordinator who is a community paediatrician at Medway Foundation NHS Trust provides clinical advice and some training on immunisation and vaccination to those who vaccinate in Medway in addition to that provided by Kent Health Protection Unit (HPU)
Ensuring that Looked after Children are fully vaccinated is a priority for the nurses from the Looked after Children's Health Team.