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Background papers: children :: Special educational needs and disabilities [Update in progress] :: Recommendations

To transform the services for young people with SEND and their families Children's Services and NHS Medway should commission, provide or further develop:

Provision for SEND

• A multi agency diagnostic pathway for children with ASD and ADHD ensuring that service provision is able to meet their needs and to support ongoing needs.
• Appropriate levels of SALT, OT and physiotherapy support for schools and Early Years settings
• Local provision for residential or highly increased support for pupils with severe and complex needs to enable them to continue to benefit from local special school education
• Local specialist school provision to meet assessed need
• Local interim provision for those with SEND excluded from school

Improved joint working

• Resources to enable improved information sharing and integrated working between partner agencies to enable more accurate and joined up assessments of need and more efficient targeting of resources: this is likely to include IT and human resources.
• Better links between services provided for children and young people with emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties particularly between school focussed services and clinic based ones

• A comprehensive and seamless transition service for young people with SEN and disability, including robust integrated care pathways, for access to education and care provision post–16
• A wider range of accessible learning and employment opportunities post–19
• A review of ways of pooling or aligning budgets across education, health and social care to enable single plans to be delivered and resourced Workforce Development
• A comprehensive training framework for universal, targeted and specialist services, regularly reviewed to ensure that new research–based practices are embedded quickly