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Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Housing and homelessness :: Recommendations

Medway's priorities for Housing for 2011–14 are:

Theme One: Bridging the Gap

Working to create a pathway into suitable housing and home ownership by increasing choice

Outcome One — Deliver a range of tenures, properties and locations to meet need Outcome Two — Make the best use of existing housing Outcome Three — Contribute to sustainable and cohesive communities

Theme Two: Early Prevention

Providing suitable, appropriate and timely housing advice to help people make the right housing choice

Outcome Four — Provide advice across agencies to prevent crisis and increase choice and access Outcome Five — Improve housing offer to better meet a range of housing needs

Theme Three: Health and Housing

Improving health through quality housing and places

Outcome Six — Ensure good quality homes, which are energy efficient Outcome Seven — Improve and maintain independence and inclusion by providing effective support