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Current services in relation to need

Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Substance misuse in adults [Update in progress] :: Current services in relation to need

  Estimates 2008/09 Numbers in effective
Percent in
PDUs 1,372 681 50
Opiate users only 1,196 486 41
Crack Cocaine users only 176 195 111
Drug injectors 786 353 45
PDUs aged 15-24 221 34 15
PDUs aged 25-34 581 278 49
PDUs aged 35-64 570 369 65
Table 1: Estimated numbers of adults with drinking problems in Medway
(Based on 199,700 adults)

KCA Medway Service provides prescribing, key working and group work for drug users and also provides the Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) for clients on this probation order.
CRI (Crime Reduction Initiatives) provide the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) for clients in the criminal justice system as a result of their drug use, they provide assessments and referrals on to appropriate treatment services and case management. Care Management team provide support for complex clients and also provide Community Care Assessments for clients wishing to access residential rehabilitation. Inpatient detoxification and residential rehabilitation services are spot purchased from a variety of providers across the country based on the individual needs of clients.

The Windmill Clinic provides ante-natal services for women who misuse substances.