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Unmet needs and service gaps

Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Substance misuse in children and young people [Update in progress] :: Unmet needs and service gaps

• There is a lack of detailed information available on the number and needs of children and young people with substance misuse needs that are not in specialist dug and alcohol treatment.
• Young people's drug and alcohol provision is largely funded through external grant funding. This is likely to reduce with implications for the level and structure of substance provision. Significant reductions in provision are likely to have longer term implications for increased levels of offending behaviour, higher numbers requiring adult treatment and a range of health implications.
• As yet, no funding has been identified to ensure ongoing provision of targeted and specialist services for children affected by parental substance misuse. Lack of specialist provision is likely to have significant implications for safeguarding.
• Looked After Children are being identified through schools or Youth Offending Team (YOT) following a crisis and referred into services. Yet the number of referrals to specialist drug and alcohol services from Looked After Children Teams are low.
• The numbers of young people undertaking the transition into adult drug and alcohol services are very small.
• Transitional arrangements between the secure estate and YOT regarding substance misuse services, both inside and outside of Medway need to be developed.
• Needle Exchange Policy for under 18's needs ratified with the increasing presentation of injecting heroin users.