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The level of need in the population

Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Substance misuse in children and young people [Update in progress] :: The level of need in the population

Medway has 28,000 10–17 year olds. 10.3 per cent of young people (in years 6, 8 and 10) reported either frequent misuse of drugs/volatile substances or alcohol or both.[1] There were 58 hospital admissions over a three year period of young people aged under 20 with mental and behavioural disorders due to substance misuse. During the same period there were 18 admissions of young people with poisoning by narcotics and psychodysleptics.[1] At any one time there are 66 young people engaged in structured treatment with KCA which offers a range of services to young people affected by their own or someone else's drug or alcohol misuse.[2]

A range of research indicates that there is significantly increased drug use amongst vulnerable young people groups, including Children in Care, persistent absentees and truants, young offenders, young homeless and children whose parents misuse drugs and/or alcohol. The children and young people's plan for Medway estimates the number of children requiring Tier 3 level of intervention to be around 1,850 (this includes all children aged 0–19), with around 350 children in care with Medway Council. There were 526 first time entrants into the youth justice system in 2008.[1]


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