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Recommendations for Commissioners

Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Smoking and tobacco control [Update in progress] :: Recommendations for Commissioners

Motivating people to stop smoking

• Provide training and ensure wider delivery of brief advice/interventions across primary and secondary care and frontline Council work (e.g. social care). Ensure systems are in place for those staff to proactively refer to the stop smoking services.
• Consider a local survey to gain an accurate reflection of local smoking prevalence.

Smoking cessation services

• Continue the focus on: smoking in pregnancy; geographical areas of high prevalence; and routine and manual workers.
• To have an input into influencing the new service specification on maternity services and implement guidance from NICE.
• Review whether current provision meets the needs of groups with high smoking prevalence including: mental health in-patients; mental health patients in the community.
• Ensure CQUIN targets continue within the Acute and Community Healthcare trusts.
• Ensure robust service level agreements are in place with external providers, such as GP's, Pharmacies and Prisons.
• Consider stop smoking interventions in any new commissioning contracts.
• Consider a patient group direction (PGD) for Champix to enable patients to gain access to smoking pharmacotherapies quicker and easier.

Protection from tobacco-related harm

• Engage wider partners with the tobacco control agenda to ensure a mutli-agency tobacco control alliance is established and implement a local tobacco control delivery plan.
• Formulate a clear communication approach, supported by community engagement activity.
• Continue with the development of smoke free initiatives.
• Continue development and implementation of workplace smoking policies for NHS and local authority organisations. Review policies of other partner organisations and Medway employers.
• Support the multi-agency illegal tobacco campaign to reduce supply and demand of illicit tobacco in Medway.
• Support Medway Maritime Hospital to achieve and maintain a Smokefree Hospital site.

Stopping Young People from starting to smoke

• Continue to support young people's section of the website and investigate other social media methods to engage young people.
• The DH Tobacco Control Plan set out new national ambitions to reduce smoking prevalence among 15-year olds to 12% by the end of 2015. As the responsibility for public health moves to local authorities, it is important that elected members continue to play a key role and have access to the very strong evidence that exists to support continued local investment in tobacco control, to reduce the harms from smoking and tobacco use in their communities.
• Investigate the possibility of carrying out a young people's survey to identify smoking prevalence among the 15 year olds to ensure that the 12% prevalence is met by 2015.
• Enforcing schools to adopt NICE guidance

Improving evidence base

• Continue to work with UCL and support the 'start to quit' study to assess whether 'come and try it' taster sessions will attract more smokers to attend stop smoking services.