Table of contents

Recommendations for Commissioning

Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Sexual health [Update in progress] :: Recommendations for Commissioning

  1. Improved data collection across all sexual health services to better inform commissioners on gaps and any barriers in the pathways.
  2. HIV is of particular concern with late diagnosis of HIV posing serious problems at individual and community level in terms of onward transmission and more costly treatment regimes. Training needs among other medical disciplines to improve early diagnosis is required.
  3. As a large proportion of those affected by HIV and AIDS in Medway are of black-African origin, it is important to review services to ensure that they are accessible to this population.
  4. Improve sexual health services delivered by GPs, in particular access to LARC, Chlamydia screening, referral for full STI screen
  5. Establish access to SARC in line with national guidance.
  6. Community CASH clinics working in partnership with the acute trust
  7. Improve chlamydia screening rates through core services
  8. Expand the Student Health Service so all education settings in high-rate wards have clinics.
  9. Reduce the number of women who have repeat abortions
  10. Increase the uptake of LARC