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Current services in relation to need

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The Stop Smoking Service in Medway

The service has a range of support options across Medway including group, workplace, one to one, drop in and telephone support as well as specialist pregnancy support. They also offer specialist support whilst you are in hospital. They can provide these services in a wide range of venues including health centres, pharmacies, GP surgeries, community centres, libraries, hospitals and many more. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is available for a one off prescription charge (exemptions apply) and prescription medication is also available via your local GP (prescription charges apply). Staff are trained to deliver services within military, prisons, dental, young people's settings. The service employs a polish worker, who speaks Slovak, Bulgarian and Roma who delivers stop smoking support in these languages.

All of the services recommend are provided by friendly trained stop smoking advisors, who offer a non-judgemental and supportive service. They will provide practical and expert advice on the most suitable treatment for you and give a wide range of coping strategies to help you be successful.

There is a website which is designed to be a further source of support for Medway residents who are either interested in quitting themselves, or helping a friend or family member to quit successfully. Registering for the website is free and those who register will not be contacted by any of the team unless requested to.

Registering as a member provides people with access to a wealth of information on how to quit smoking and the opportunity to join an online stop smoking group, so that they can receive specialist support from the comfort of their own home.

2010/2011 was a successful year for the stop smoking service in Medway. The service exceeded their vital signs target by 194%.