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A Community Food consultation was carried out across Medway in 2010/11. The Consultation used large visual questionnaires in accessible places such as on-street, in superstores, markets and interactive workshops in community venues.

• A total of 939 local people took part in the Consultation
    • 124 men
    • 482 women
    • 340 children and young people
• 39% of respondents felt that a healthy diet should be balanced and contain plenty of fruit and vegetables
• 16.8% were aware of the 5-a-day campaign
• 3% were aware of Change4Life without further prompting
• 36% always read food labels
• 56% of respondents ate three meals a day
• Breakfast was the meal that people were most likely to skip
• 52% regularly cook and prepare meals using all unprepared items every day
• On average it takes 16-30 minutes to prepare an evening meal
• 75% identified that a female parent/carer was responsible for cooking and choosing family meals

The results of the Consultation are being used to implement community food projects in communities with the greatest levels of obesity and deprivation.