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Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Healthy weight [Update in progress] :: Obesity :: User views

Every patient attending 'Tipping the Balance' is asked to provide feedback about the service they have received. Responses from the questionnaire are used to improve the service and to enable a process of continuous improvement. Patients are asked for their comments on the venues used, services offered, quality of service delivery and improvements that the service could make.

Questionnaires are given to patients on the penultimate session. They are asked to complete the questionnaire and return it at their last session or to mail it back to the Project Administrator in a pre-paid, addressed envelope.

Patients that complete the programme and the questionnaire are more likely to report a positive experience, so the opinions of those who do not complete the programme are also sourced.

Since the questionnaire was introduced, the overwhelming majority of respondents report that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the service and that they strongly agreed that they would be able to continue with the lifestyle changes they had put in place as a result of attending.

Of those who did not feel that the service met their expectations, the reasons given included a chaotic lifestyle that conflicted with their ability to make behaviour change (despite actually losing weight), a preference for evening group social events rather than individual support and difficulty increasing activity.

Comments from patients who completed the programme include:

“It is one of the services that has given me utmost satisfaction. Somehow or the other I have become a very optimistic person.”

“I have valued the experience of advice, support and non-judgemental approach, and given chance to take part in exercise at gym and Pilates, which I am carrying on. It has changed my life.”

“Whilst I was attending I managed to lose quite a bit of weight but because of stress at home with my family, being introduced to anti-rheumatoid arthritis tablets and the fact that I am still waiting for surgery I have now gained my weight”