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Background papers: Lifestyle and wider determinants :: Healthy weight :: Diet and physical activity :: Summary

Poor diet and lack of physical activity are risk factors for obesity which synthetic modelling predicts affects approximately 30% of adults in Medway.

Key issues and gaps

• Currently there are no suitable methods for collecting comprehensive local data on diet and nutrition and physical activity
• There are specific gaps in knowledge concerning intakes of fat, sugar and salt and issues relating to access to an affordable healthy diet.
• There are gaps in the knowledge regarding the uptake of targeted schemes to promote good nutrition such as Healthy Start vouchers and vitamins.
• Local planning levers such as Supplementary Planning Policies could be introduced to limit fast food takeaways in areas of existing high density and near schools, as highlighted in the Government's Call to Action on Obesity [1] and Healthy Places Planning Resource


[1]   Department of Health. Healthy lives, healthy people: a call to action on obesity in England 2011; Department of Health. .