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Medway Public Health Directorate consulted widely on The Medway Alcohol Strategy. It was cascaded through contact networks of Children, Families and Education, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue, Community Safety Partnership and providers of Alcohol Treatment services. The Strategy was based on a strategic review published in 2008, which included consultations with young people, general public and professionals. A Better Medway Social Marketing Campaign included consultation with Medway residents about healthy living. The impact of binge drinking was highlighted as an area of concern and A Smart Medway campaign developed accordingly. Alcohol service users in Medway are able to voice their views on services through the Services Users forum MUST. MUST are represented at the joint commissioning group and have input into service design.

Local People Local Solutions consultation in Luton & Wayfield identified public drink and drug use as a top three priority. During the listening events it became clear that proxy and underage sales were considered a significant issue and licensing have been in engaged.