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Current services in relation to need

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Community based specialist treatment for people who misuse alcohol has been available in Medway for over 10 years. Commissioning intentions have reflected national drug strategy changes, including a drive towards promoting and sustaining the recovery of adults from dependent and problematic substance misuse.

Alcohol Treatment Services

Adult alcohol treatment services are provided in Medway, with locations in Chatham and Gillingham. Services are available for anyone over the age of 18. Referrals can be made via professionals, such as GPs, as well as self referrals. For the period 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2017, 224 adults were in treatment with 117 successful completions[1].

Don't Bottle It Up

Don't Bottle It Up[2] is a web based alcohol intervention promoted by Medway Public Health. Between October 2016 and October 2017 there were over 3275 visits to the website, with 1399 of these going on to complete the AUDIT self assessment tool[3].

Intervention and Brief Advice (IBA)

IBA is an alcohol brief intervention which typically involves using a validated screening tool to identify 'risky' drinking, and then the delivery of short, structured 'brief advice' aimed at encouraging a risky drinker to reduce their consumption to lower risk levels[4].

• IBA training has been given to a variety of people in different settings including:
    • Health professionals, such as pharmacies, GP's, dentists and stroke services.
    • Partners, such as community wardens and KFRS.
    • Medway Champions.
    • Older adult groups.


• Blue Light Project - a national initiative to develop alternative approaches and care pathways for treatment resistant drinkers who place a burden on public services[5].
• Public Health participation in the alcohol licensing process.


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