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The 'A Better Medway' website contains a range of advice to people wishing to improve their diet and activity levels, reduce their alcohol consumption or manage stress better. The site also has links to useful resources and further support such as the breastfeeding support network and the Mental Health matters helpline. In a similar way, the Medway Council website has sign-posting to clubs and societies as well as Leisure Centre contact details. The Public health department in Medway facilitate numerous community based projects such as the community food allotment and local walking and cycling groups to encourage people to take more exercise and provide an opportunity for socialising.

Change4Life has traditionally offered advice to families on achieving a healthy weight. The Government has now shifted towards a new life course approach to health improvement. Change4Life will expand to cover all nutrition-related messaging (including a new focus on the key area of calorie reduction) and to other topics that have relevance to target audiences, such as the harmful effects of drinking alcohol above the recommended daily limits. The Change4Life programme will continue its expansion into early years (via its sister brand, Start4Life) and into advice for middle-aged adults.

Policy changes can have a dramatic effect on the background environment within which people make lifestyle choices. Nationally, anti-tobacco campaigns have produced more smoke-free zones, a ban on tobacco advertising and additional taxation resulting in an overall reduction in smoking prevalence. [1] Locally, Medway Council has put initiatives in place to help residents reduce fuel poverty by supporting them in their energy use. A pilot scheme is underway to target potentially at risk residents for further assessment and home improvement. Furthermore, the free bus pass, available to Medway residents aged over sixty or with certain disabilities, complements the blue badge scheme for parking concessions to allow people with reduced mobility similar levels of access as the rest of the population. The Medway City card (a reward scheme for Medway residents) enables free swimming to people aged under 11 and over 60.


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