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The current period presents the people of Medway and their representatives with a number of challenges, but also opportunities. Health has generally been improving over many years and with it peoples' expectations have increased. The constraints imposed by the economic crisis mean that it is more important than ever to deliver health and social care as efficiently and effectively as possible. A number of changes are being introduced to facilitate this, including:

• The establishment of Health and Wellbeing Boards to bring strategic leadership to the health and wellbeing agenda in top tier authorities
• The establishment of Clinical Commissioning Groups to strengthen clinically led commissioning of health services
• New public health responsibilities for local authorities that will result in Public Health functions moving from the NHS to local government
• An emphasis on 'localism' where decisions are driven locally rather than nationally
• A re-emphasis on personal responsibility for health

To respond to these challenges and opportunities for health and well-being Medway's Health and Wellbeing Board has developed a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). The JSNA is an objective assessment of local needs and is intended to address all current and future health and social care needs. It is an extensive document that will evolve over time as new evidence and intelligence about the needs in Medway are developed. The JSNA is divided into two broad parts: 1) a narrative 'picture of place'; and 2) a number of appendices that provide detailed information on the health and social care needs and situation within Medway. This picture of place is contained within the printed volume and divided into five sections: Our people and place; Our health and well-being; Our community; Our programmes and services and Our health inequalities. The appendices are available online.